[mou] Duluth/Sax-Zim update

Eckert K R eckertkr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 22:10:37 CST 2008

In addition to the birds on Mike H's posting today, here are some other 
species of note seen today:

- Both N Hawk Owl (at dawn) and Snowy Owl (at dusk) along Airport Rd in 
Duluth, between the Cirrus building and the NRRI building. The hawk owl 
is probably the same individual reported earlier this month at Blackman 
& MacFarlane and at Rice Lake & Airpark Rds. The Snowy Owl is 
undoubtedly the one which has been seen several times this month 
(including yesterday) farther E on Airport Rd between the Federal 
Prison Camp & the FedEx building. Please be sure to exercise extreme 
discretion as you bird here, observing posted no-parking areas and 
other warning signs. Airport and prison camp security guards with 
little patience or understanding can be quick to investigate those with 
scopes and binoculars in this area.

- The N Hawk-Owl in Sax-Zim seen by m.ob. this month was relocated 
along Co Rd 7, ranging between 1.0 and 0.5 mi S of Stone Lake Rd.

- Four male Am Three-toed Woodpeckers were relocated in Sax-Zim: 2 of 
these together along Blue Spruce Rd, 0.4 mi N of Co Rd 133; and 2 
others along Admiral Rd, 0.1 mi & ~0.3 mi N of Zim Rd.

- Varied Thrush still present at Dave & Christina's feeder in Duluth 
(see earlier posts for directions); however, the Boreal Chickadee which 
had also been visiting this feeder as recently as last weekend has not 
been seen in a few days. (Speaking of Boreal Chickadees, note that the 
2 posted by Mike on Arkola Rd in Sax-Zim were 0.5 mi E of Owl Ave, not 
1.0 mi.)

- At least 2 male Hoary Redpolls still present at Derek's feeders on 
Blue Spruce Rd in Sax-Zim, 1.0 mi N of Co Rd 133.

Kim Eckert

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