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Tue Jan 22 09:42:30 CST 2008

Like most birds, red-tailed hawks migrate to find adequate food during  
the winter season. If a food source is found, even in frigid  
Minnesota, then there is no strong need to migrate further south. As  
hawks move farther south, the density of other hawks increases, so the  
competition for available food also increases. By staying in MN, the  
density of competition is less, but the food availablity might also be  

Another thing to consider is that the birds you are observing may or  
may not be the ones you saw during the summer. Many red-tails from  
parts of Canada will migrate south to their winter range in Minnesota.  
Some local birds will also just stay and not migrate at all if they  
are confident of finding adequate food.

Steve Estebo
Avian Zoologist
MN Zoo
Master Falconer

Quoting Gerald Brimacombe <gbrim at integra.net>:

> I have been observing a pair of Red Tailed Hawks for the past year.   
> Their favorite perch is atop a modern style high tension pole   
> overlooking Dan Patch Lake here in Savage.  They work the yards and   
> woods in the surrounding area, and I note with pleasure the   
> considerable reduction in our squirrel/chipmunk population.  They   
> have been here all winter, but have disappeared since the arrival of  
>  our current cold spell. I suspect they are probably still in the   
> area, but have hunkered down out of the wind and cold like all the   
> rest of us.  I was under the impression that most hawks migrated   
> further south for better hunting during the winter months.  Any   
> feedback on this?
> Thank you,
> Gerald Brimacombe

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