[mou] Tagging of Trumpeter Swans

Diane Gulbrandson dmgulbrand at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 26 20:04:13 CST 2008

I went to Monticello 2 weeks ago to see the swans by the power plant.  I
picked up a flyer.  In response to the question of the tagging of Trumpeter
Swans, the following is quoted from the flyer..."Minnesota swans are tagged
on the wing.  Left wing tag indicates females, right wing tag is male.  Iowa
swans have neck collars (white, red or green).  The flyer didn't say what
color Minnesota tags are. 

Can anyone explain why some Trumpeters have red plumage on their heads and
necks?  I took a photo of a swan who had red on the top of its head, down
the neck and continued down its underside.    

rent=IMG_6041.jpg> &current=IMG_6041.jpg

Diane Gulbrandson

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