[mou] rough-legged hawk, Murphy-Hanrehan

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sat Jan 26 20:06:27 CST 2008

At mid-day, Sue Plankis, Laura Coble, and I witnessed a crow harassing a
dark-morph rough-legged hawk over a large field along the pet trails at
Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. This field is reached by taking the left path
out of the horse-corral area, then passing the low-lying wetland, and
climbing the rise into the woods, from which the path emerges onto the
field. We lost sight of the hawk as it dipped behind a hill, heading

Also seen, later in the day, was the nesting great-horned owl and its mate
at the intersection of Cedar Ave. and Dodd Road, reported earlier in the
week by Steve Weston.  As we approached the intersection, a crow was
harassing a raptor, which headed through the nearest group of trees and out
of sight. However, the brooding owl was clearly visible from the parking lot
of the shopping center across the road to the south. Thanks to Jeff Fisher,
we were also able to view the mate, which he had found perched in adjacent
trees to the east. (Near the same intersection was a red-tail hawk, possibly
the original builder/resident of the nest.) Jeff mentioned that he believes
he saw a sign indicating that this section of land is slated for some kind
of development--a fate that has befallen just about everything right around
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