[mou] some sort of morph at Monticello

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"The domestic Muscovy has established feral populations in Florida, Texas, and elsewhere. These birds are usually heavier than the wild Muscovy and show patches of white on the head and body and redder face" (Sibley 81.) 
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My aunt and I were at the park in Monticello observing the ducks, geese, and swans when she spied an unusual individual in the group. Was the size of a Snow or Ross's Goose; the body was mostly black, with shimmery green; head was mottled white/black.  Legs and feet were yellow.  Two photos posted on this site: http://www.geo.umn.edu/people/staff/kressler/morphy.html.Took more photos showing the legs and feet-- awaiting development, will add to the site when available.Any clues?Thanks,Sharon

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