[mou] Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers

Jim Fitzpatrick jim at carpenternaturecenter.org
Fri Jun 27 13:25:59 CDT 2008

On Thursday June 26 at approximately 2 PM while walking along the
Orchard fence at Carpenter Nature Center I spotted a male Yellow Bellied
Sapsucker hammering on one of the 10' fence posts, then he went to the
next and did the same. I got to within 15' of him before he flew away. I
passed through the gate and on the other side I heard their distinct
hammer again and turned to see him back at the same pole. As I sat there
watching the bird I thought had returned another called behind me and
flew right over my head to land on the very pole already occupied. They
squawked at each other and the first one flew down two poles. They both
started hammering. Later that afternoon I heard the call notes of one
right outside our office from a birch tree above a bird bath. I did
think this was pretty far south for breeding YBSA, the south end of
Washington Couinty.  Jim Fitzpatrick

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