[mou] And now a shrike!

Dawn Bradshaw, DVM delaineshaw at comcast.net
Sat Nov 8 09:16:39 CST 2008

The consensus for my little sparrow is a Savannah sparrow, and just when I was lamenting that the count for Project Feederwatch didn't start until today, a shrike flew through!  We had just put peanuts out for the bluejays, had three of them flying in and snagging peanuts, when a shrike flew in.  It landed in the bush by the feeders, but didn't stay long enough for me to tell if it was a loggerhead or a northern.  Any tips telling them apart if it comes back?  It was a little smaller than the jays, but I couldn't really say whether 1 or 2".

Dawn Bradshaw
Bloomington, MN
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