[mou] Late ibis, cranes, Rusty BBs

Jim Mattsson mattjim at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 11 13:51:32 CST 2008

This morning, Nov 11, I found the following rather unexpected species at this late date:

Plegadis ibis - A juvenile at the Hastings "Frog Pond", just south of town along Ravenna Trail It was feeding among a group of Mallard with a Lesser Yellowlegs. It was too far (125 m) with poor light to see eye or leg color. 

Sandhill Crane - A family group of 2 adults and one juv. feeding at intersection of Jacob Ave. and CR42.

Rusty Blackbird - Flock of 150+ in trees just west of Fishcer and Pine Bend Trail (Spring Lake RP).


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