[mou] Problems with mou-net (mou-net sort of up)

David A. Cahlander david at cahlander.com
Sun Nov 16 00:13:45 CST 2008

Our web provider has changed us from one machine to another.  In the process, they have set a limit of 200 emails/hour.  After some pleading, they have given a temporary increase to 1000 emails/hour.  Since our member list is about 700, every email sent to our list will generate 700 emails.  The emails that exceed the limit are discarded without notice.

We need to find another supplier for our email and/or our web site.  If you have a suggestion, please send the suggestion to me (not the list).  I am working with two suppliers at the present to see if they will work out.

I sent this message before, but I think that it got dropped or sent to just a few members.

The mail will appear on the web site http://moumn.org , click on MOU-net on the top bar.  This is not very good, but at least it has the mail.

Until we get this resolved, please limit the messages to important messages.

David Cahlander david at cahlander.com Burnsville, MN 952-894-5910
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