[mou] Louisville Swamp

Bruce Baer saqqara at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 31 16:55:52 CDT 2008

Friday I spent a long morning out at Louisville.  Tundra and Trumpeter
Swans in the bottoms with Sandhill Cranes clattering.  A very large
flock of Gadwalls flew over.  The largest concentration of Gadwalls
I've ever seen.  Flying overhead were Pine Siskins, Eastern Bluebirds,
American Pipits and Snow Buntings.  Both Kinglets were in the woods.
The real treat was a huge female Peregrine Falcon overhead.  An
immature bird I believe from the looks of the sun shinning through the
tawny colored chest and belly. 


Bruce Baer

Bloomington, MN


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