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*October 28, 1999

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Hotline: Minnesota Statewide
Date: October 28, 1999
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU) http://biosci.umn.edu/~mou/
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Compiler: Anthony Hertzel
Transcriber: Anthony Hertzel (ahertzel@uswest.net)
Re-transcriber: David Cahlander (dac@skypoint.com)

This is the Minnesota birding report for Thursday October 28th sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

Frank Nicoletti reported that a BAND-TAILED PIGEON flew by Hawk Ridge in Duluth on October 25th. It traveled northeast and out of sight and has not been relocated. This is the fifth record for Band-tailed Pigeon at Hawk Ridge.

HARLEQUIN DUCKS were seen on October 22nd in Cook County at the Cascade River and at Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is about 14 miles northeast of the town of Grand Marais. And two additional Harlequins have been reported from the North Shore of Lake Superior, one at mile post 121 and another at mile post 123.

A BLACK SCOTER was in the town of Litchfield in Meeker County on the 25th but could not be relocated later in the week. The bird was seen close to shore along the eastern edge of Lake Ripley just south of the campground.

The two BLACK-HEADED GULLS are still being seen at the north end of Spirit Lake along Jackson County Road 2, about eight miles south and five miles west of the town of Jackson. They were seen here on October 24th. And Tom Boevers found two adult THAYER'S GULLS at the Rice County Landfill also on the 24th.

On the 22nd of October, Peder Svingen and Anthony Hertzel observed two TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRES along the Croftville Road just north of Grand Marais in Cook County. They also found two very late RED-EYED VIREOS along this road, tying the third latest date on record for this species in northern Minnesota.

Tom Tustison saw a YELLOW WARBLER at Black Dog Lake in Dakota County on Sunday October 24th. This ties the latest fall date for Minnesota.

A late BALTIMORE ORIOLE is visiting a feeder in Anoka County.

BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were reported as numerous in Lake and Cook counties on the 22nd.

And TRUMPETER SWANS have been reported from various lakes in Aitkin, Mille Lacs, and Wright counties.

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