[mou] Schaar's Bluff Sunday

linda birds at moosewoods.us
Mon Apr 30 20:59:24 EDT 2007

(between 6:30 AM and noon)highlights:

flyover, by:
around 90 pelicans; 4 turkey vultures; a red-tail hawk; a kestrel;

one other hawk whose identity I can't establish to my own
satisfaction (repeated passes over both field and woods)

sparrows: chipping, song, field, vesper (heard), white-throated;

tree and barn swallows; cowbirds; red-wing blackbirds;

blue-gray gnatcatcher; r-c kinglet (heard only)

brown thrasher, singing vigorously; house wren chattering;

woodpeckers: downy, red-bellied, pileated, flicker;

mourning doves; ring-necked pheasant (heard only);

some white-throated sparrows; a wave of yellow-rumped warblers;

an orange-crowned warbler; a possible hermit thrush (heard only);

meadowlarks (heard only)

Linda Whyte

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