[mou] "Hawk Ridge" style birding today..

birderguy birderguy at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 19:20:56 CDT 2008

Well on these nice days right when I get home from work I grab the chair and hit the
driveway and start looking up..  Today I had a kettle of 6-7 adult Red-tailed Hawks with
about 3 Shins,  later at least two more Shins fly over, 1 Turkey Vulture, and I had one
Cooper's Hawk down low chasing the Grackles around.. More of these were a mile high in
clear blue sky, if it wasn't for my HR experience you would have NEVER spotted them..
This was just from about 17:15 to 18:00 tonight..
In the last few days I've had about 4 Coop's go by my yard on their way north..
Also I had a female Northern Harrier working the open field on Co. Rd. 101 just north of
Hwy 55 on the undeveloped east side of the road just past the curve..
Andrew Longtin
Corcoran (Hennepin Co.) Minnesota 
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