[mou] Cedar Ave Bridge today

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Wed Apr 30 15:50:11 CDT 2008

Saw a pair of Green Herons working on gathering nesting materials,

a pair of Sandhill Cranes hanging my the wind for a good 5 minutes  
over my head.

Observed a female Brown-headed Cowbird acting oddly in some downed  
trees and branches just east of the parking lot - as I watched it  
approached a beautiful nest just off the trail about chest high.  The  
bird checked out the nest and finally flew even though I was only  
about 5 feet away.  When I checked the nest there were two identical  
eggs in it.  Most likely some other bird's eggs and she is getting  
ready to parasitize it - just  guess.

Saw some nice shorebirds off the platform out in the lake to the west  
of the parking lot.  They were in the low reeds to the west but too  
far off to clearly identify with binoculars.  Didn't have my scope.  I  
thought they could be a variety of beasties.  Best to leave it to the  
shore bird experts or bring my scope and book next time.

Also had 8 Great Egrets in the pond just east of the parking lot and

dozens of Blue-Winged Teal in the lake by the platform.

Plus hundreds - yes hundreds - of swallows skimming the lake away from  
the platform - it was like a mosquito hatch there were so many.

Thomas Maiello
Angel Environmental Management, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN

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