[mou] Eagles on the Mississippi

Jason Caddy j.caddy at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 09:40:44 CST 2008

Michael, I can't comment about the eagles at Redwing but the eagles at Prescott, WI were very active and fun to watch.  Of the 14 or more eagles I saw, about 6 of them were actively feeding by diving down to the water and picking off the dead fish from the surface and harassing the waterfowl.  One adult would bring the fish back to feed a juvenile in a nearby tree.  The whole scene was very fun to watch and I would recommend this area for eagle lovers.  The only problem is you can't see them well from the boat launch at the south side of the marina.  I had to walk onto the small jetty owned by the yacht dealership.  This jetty is private property so I don't necessarily suggest using it but I didn't see another area for good viewing.
Good Luck,
Jason Caddy
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