[mou] Binocular (and field guide) recommendation for youths?

shawn conrad dingermcduff at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 13 10:16:26 CST 2008

The staff at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids asked me to post the following question.  They are developing a program to introduce youths to birdwatching.  Does anyone have any recommendations on binoculars appropriate for this?  They should be durable, somewhat light, easy to use, present a decent image, and be easy to train on a bird!  They are planning on obtaining about 15 pairs and hope to spend under $70/pair if possible.  What type of optics to the MOU Youth Mentorship Program kits contain?  Is it possible for the Forest History Center to obtain one of these kits?  
Also, what would be an appropriate field guide for kids?  I suppose there would be a range of ages, so let's say sixth grade.  (Recommendations for younger kids are welcome as well.)
Thanks!Shawn Conradhttp://users.2z.net/itasca_chippewa_birding/ 
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