[mou] Sax-Zim Bog Birds

Scott Loss scottrloss at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 10:27:27 CST 2008

While in northeast Minnesota this weekend, my girlfriend and I were able to make several attempts at finding owls in the Sax-Zim Bog.  However, we were unable to find the McDavitt Rd. and Nicholsen Lake Rd. Great Grays, or the Admiral/Cranberry Rd. Northern Hawk-Owl, despite dawn and dusk visits on Friday and Sunday.
  The trip was not totally fruitless, as we observed one Hoary Redpoll among the large flock of Common Redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks, and Evening Grosbeaks at the feeding station on Blue Spruce Rd  (Cty Hwy 211).  In addition, we saw a distant flying Black-billed Magpie 1/2 mile north of the Blue Spruce Rd feeding station.  We also saw a Black-backed Woodpecker NE of the intersection of Cranberry Road and Sax Rd (Cty Hwy 28).  Overall, raptors of any sort (except Bald Eagles) were noticeably absent from the bog during our visits.
Scott Loss
  St. Paul

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