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*November 14, 1996

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Hotline: Minnesota Statewide/Twin Cities
Date: November 14, 1996
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
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Compiler: Anthony Hertzel
Transcriber: Anthony Hertzel (tony@mill2.MillComm.COM)
Re-transcriber: David Cahlander (dac@skypoint.com)

This is the Minnesota birding report for Thursday November 14th sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

That juvenile POMARINE JAEGER, first reported on last Saturday's unscheduled update of this tape, was seen as recently as Wednesday November 13th The bird has been seen nearly every day at the south end of Lake Pepin in the town of Lake City, Wabasha County. Check out over the lake from the main marina southward. The bird is often seen harassing gulls, but just as often is harassed itself by some of the several BALD EAGLES which are also in the area. Contrary to earlier reports, this bird is probably not a dark phase individual. Several observers have also reported WHITE-WINGED, BLACK and SURF SCOTERS in this same general area.

The MEW GULL found by Peder Svingen on Sunday the 10th has not been relocated despite intensive searches later that afternoon as well as the following day. If it is relocated, this tape will be updated immediately.

Karl Bardon found an immature PACIFIC LOON on White Bear Lake in Ramsey County on November 7th. This is about the sixth Pacific Loon reported this year, which is somewhat unusual for this typically casual species.

A Male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE has returned to the Blue Lake waste water treatment plant in Scott County. Pat Clements reported the bird on November 13th.

Ken LaFond found two GREATER YELLOWLEGS on November 9th at the Coon Lake Beach area in Anoka County. And a COMMON SNIPE was still lingering at the Old Cedar Ave Bridge on November 9th.

On November 7th, a LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was still at Black Dog Lake in Dakota County, and a first winter GLAUCOUS GULL was reported from Lake Calhoun Hennepin County by Paul Budde on November 10th.

SNOWY OWLS continue their movement into the state with at least five birds now reported. Of these, one was still at the Grand Marais harbor in Cook County on the 10th. Another has been seen in Lyon County since the 12th. The bird's location varies from between one and three miles west of the town of Green Valley along Lyon County road 8. And a SNOWY OWL was seen at the junction of Lexington Ave and 188th Street near Carlos Avery Refuge in Anoka County on the 14th. Thanks to Joan Galley for this report.

A VARIED THRUSH has been frequenting a feeder at the home of Jeff Tordoff in Lino Lakes since the 11th. Jeff lives along West Rondeau Lake Road in Lino Lakes, Anoka County. A second VARIED THRUSH showed up at the Westwood Hills Nature Center in St. Louis Park on November 14th.

On November 9th, Dave Zumeta found a very late PALM WARBLER at the Old Cedar Ave. Bridge, just west of the main parking lot.

WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were one mile northeast of the town of Finland on Lake County Road 7 on the 10th, and RED CROSSBILLS were just west of Lake Winnibigoshish in Cass County on the 11th.

On a final note, the Eurasian Wigeon reported previously from Lake Rebecca in Hastings is, in fact, an AMERICAN WIGEON.

The next scheduled update of this tape is Thursday November 21st. If you have birds to report, please leave your name and phone number plus a brief but specific message which includes the name of the county where your sighting took place.

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